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My husband was sceptical at first. He thought we would spend out time laying down and chanting. He was wrong. You adapt the classes to our bodies and push us. It is a good thorough workout, it’s tough sometimes, and yet you are also caring, encouraging and considerate.


You really focus on our individual needs and tailor classes to what will benefit us the most; challenge us in all the right ways with patience.


What I love about your classes is that they are really fluid, they feel very strong and feminine. They are classes guided by the principle of being embodied and connected to the sensations of the body.


It feels safe to move beyond the edges of the lines. It empowers me to really own my practice.


My understanding of my body and breath has really developed and I have learnt to bring a fluidity and awareness to my movements as well as a deeper knowledge to tap into postures. You create a unique and enriching practice.


Her knowledge of yoga and of the variety she brings to every class is outstanding. I would highly recommend practising with Ashka.


Gone are my back and hip problems, now I feel much better and less prone to aches and pains in the old places. I would thoroughly recommend Ashka.


I truly appreciate your understanding of physiology and the body; it helps reassure us that you know what’s best for us especially when our bodies are feeling weak or injured.


Over 6 years you have helped me immeasurably with navigating old musculoskeletal injuries, core weakness and dysfunctional movement patterns.