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Body Art

    Learning to be in our bodies is like doing art; we approach it with passion, patience and openness. Through clumsy beginnings, new ways of seeing, feeling and holding perspective are revealed to us.   And as we learn to invite and play with shadow, space, nuances and subtleties, […]

Embodying softness

EMBODYING SOFTNESS   Softness is strength…… Softness is resilience, softness is adaptability. Softness keeps our senses awake and alive. Softness allows us to stay spacious. We maintain perspective… Staying soft, we draw our strength from our centre, we move through life with grace and ease; retain our energy and roll […]

Aliveness, Sensuality, Pleasure

  My first Authentic Embodiment 6-week course came to an end last Saturday and I spent the last few days quietly reflecting and integrating the deep journey we all undertook; it’s been both a formative and transformative experience for all of us. Week by week, guided by the wisdom of […]

Discover Authentic Embodiment  6-weeks Course

We are embodied, sensual beings. Through sensations, feelings, energy, our bodies are designed to honestly reflect and communicate with us our inner states. When that communication is deep and rich, we have no problem identifying and expressing our needs authentically, making decisions that support our life or move away from […]