Discover Authentic Embodiment  6-weeks Course

We are embodied, sensual beings. Through sensations, feelings, energy, our bodies are designed to honestly reflect and communicate with us our inner states. When that communication is deep and rich, we have no problem identifying and expressing our needs authentically, making decisions that support our life or move away from anything that harms us. When that connection is hampered, when our trust in our own wisdom is broken due to stress and emotional or physical trauma, we lose that vital source of inner knowing and support from our body and start to react to life as opposed to responding to it.
The embodiment and somatic practices empower us to reclaim that inner space within us. Through direct experience of being in the body, we learn to make contact with all that’s raw, honest and alive in us so we can start to trust ourselves again. It’s a deep and subtle work of awakening our inner sensitivity.
Moving from disconnection to connection.
And the best thing is that we do it through movement, through dance, spontaneous expression, learning our authenticity through embodied expression.
My Authentic Embodiment 6-week course starts on June 5th and Battersea Yoga is offering 20% off until May 24th!! I am so looking forward to exploring with you.