Yoga Mindfulness Embodiment





Created by international teacher and somatic pioneer, Michaela Boehm, the NLM method is a powerful and healing somatic practice that awakens the innate wisdom of the body. Through gentle, non-impositional guidance the practice allows for a greater emotional awareness and responsiveness, deepens our intimate connection to ourselves and helps release past traumas.

During the workshop Ashka, Level 2 teacher of the NLM, will introduce you to the principles of the practice - and then guide you through the NLM method focusing on vitality, aliveness, and well-being in the body.

The Non-linear movement method is designed to:

Calm the nervous system

Identify and process emotions

Awaken erotic energy and sensual sensation

Release trauma patterns into flow

Unite mind and body in intimacy with physical sensation

Create high bodily responsiveness

Open access to bodily wisdom


This is a self-guided practice to music, everyone is welcome, no experience in movement, dance or embodiment required.
Please wear comfortable clothes.



"The stormy night of dancing with Ashka and a fabulous group of women has been the best night of my year so far. I recommend this embodiment event as essential connection and love to self and others. Yes of course it takes a while to rid yourself of the internal voice “I look silly” “what am I doing here?” “I’m not very good at this” “I’ll never move the way that person does” etc, etc. But then, with skin glistening and heart pounding, a deep full body presence becomes the only reality “this is amazing” “I feel incredibly”. I felt sexy - at one with my body - for the first time in a long time. Not because I was ‘being sexy’ but because of a deep knowing that I am sexy, fully in touch with the power of the feminine and feeling completely alive.

Feeling this way, being fully seen and seeing other wonderful women in their power, was transformative. It has woken me up. "



"Within the first 5 minutes of listening to Ashka speak I learnt about a feminine energy that I didn't even know existed! Feeling safe and comforted by her words, I realised in that moment that it was always inside me and here was a beautiful opportunity to explore my true self whatever that may be, it was a feeling more than anything, like I had come home. I did feel nervous and apprehensive, being a survivor of sexual trauma with wounds still causing me a lot of pain, I was unsure about what would come up in the process but putting my full trust into the experience I felt willing to do. I felt a powerful warmth from Ashka, and with a gentle ease she encourages what feels right for the individual. With her guidance through the workshop I was able to move my body and connect with other women on what felt like for me the most intimate and vulnerable level. In those moments I was free of shame, illuminated and unapologetically me and I have taken a little bit of that love home with me too! At times when the pace of music increased and I really let go, I was almost in another world, it felt like the place or thing I've been searching for my whole life and I can't wait to use this lovely instinctively natural way of connecting, to reconnect with myself. For the first time ever, I have hope of being released of a deeply rooted fear of intimacy and am excited for the future. Thank you Ashka!"


"The embodied feminine dance session with Ashka took me so deep within my body, at times I felt like I was in trance mode. Her guidance is gentle yet challenging. She gets involved with her participants and is such a beautiful example of what it means to be in your body. I felt so connected to my true essence, beyond what we are conditioned to believe about ourselves, and through that I was able to clear out some of the negative self beliefs that don't serve me any longer. I recommend this for anyone who is curious about exploring free movement at a foundational level and to those who want to take thier practice to a deeper level. It's great fun and healing at the same time!" Aamanda

"I’ve been to many ‘ecstatic dance’ classes and events, and I teach movement myself, but I’ve NEVER been guided by somebody who not only holds the room and the practice in such a calm and centred yet powerful way as Ashka does. I’ve also never experienced somebody with so much trust in the people in the space to have their own experience. Embodied Feminine Dance isn’t some fluffy, cosy dance practice that keeps you safe and warm. It pushes the edge of discomfort just enough to take you to the places within you that you don’t otherwise get to go to, the places where the TRUE feminine hides out, just waiting to hear a teacher confidently say the word ‘pussy’ so she can come full force into her expression." Rachel



You've got such a such a deep level of wisdom and presence in the way that you teach and guide people to move through their practice on the mat, but it feels like we are drawing that strength and energy from you at the same time as finding it within ourselves.

yoga teacher


Your classes are quite orgasmic! And deeply healing; it is tough to let go, but you embody it so much within your own practice that I feel safe to completely, genuinely let go.

yoga teacher


I moved from harsh self-judgment and shame to truly feeling free to be myself, the softening of my heart saying ‘YES!’ to anything uncomfortable, painful, and accepting of what is. I felt powerful, fearless, strong, bountiful of inner strength.



An incredibly talented teacher



I truly appreciate your understanding of physiology and the body; it helps reassure us that you know what's best for us especially when our bodies are feeling weak or injured