“PAST EVENT” Discover Authentic Embodiment  5-weeks Course, 28th August-25th September 2021

With Ashka Zasada

“Becoming embodied is an intimate journey into yourself”

The Authentic Embodiment course is a unique opportunity to develop a deep and loving relationship with your body.

You will discover how to live fearlessly, with authenticity and courage.

You will be supported to unpack all that holds you back in life; and invited to initiate healing, creativity and aliveness.

You will assimilate and explore many facets of embodiment, through theory, practical exercises and personal reflection.

Authentic Embodiment Course will benefit you if you wish to:

· Understand how to be in dialogue with your body
· Gain insight into your body’s stress patterns
· Balance your nervous system
· Release past traumas
· Overcome emotional blockages
· Awaken self-expression
· Understand and define your boundaries
· Learn how to express yourself with integrity and authenticity
· Expand your capacity for pleasure
· Deepen your capacity for intimacy.

Course structure
WEEK 1 – Sensations – Introduction to Embodiment
What does it mean to be embodied and why do we choose this path? Working with sensations of the body, we will explore ways of accessing and expanding our capacity to meet ourselves in the moment.

WEEK 2 – Trusting in the wisdom of the body.
When we learn to listen to the unique signals of our body we move from an attitude of fear to an attitude of trust. This week we expand our capacity for inner compassion and acceptance to be with what’s here.

WEEK 3 – Aliveness of the body
Impulse, desire, permission to let go. Connect to the pulse of life moving through you and awaken your inner creativity.

WEEK 4 – Transforming reactivity
Embodiment is the key to restoring the balance of our emotions and overcoming our reactivity. This week we explore our inner emotional anchors and ways to shift and release emotional tension.

WEEK 5 – Awakening into pleasure
Our final week takes us into the depth of pleasure, our natural state that’s always available to us. Through playful exploration, we will open pathways to a greater sensual sensitivity to allow for a deeper intimacy and engagement with life itself.

Recent feedback for Ashka’s courses:

“Ashka has created an exceptional course. Her passion, knowledge and personal experience allowed me to trust in the process.”

“Essential work for those with trauma.”

“I developed a truly nurturing, non-judgmental love towards my body, and ultimately myself. “

“The course has exceeded any of my expectations.

“The course content was fascinating, I’m so grateful you’re sharing this!”