Ashka helped me work through some psychological trauma. Supportive, calming , positive presence, she immediately put me at ease during our complimentary consultation. Ashka listened carefully to the difficulties I was experiencing and put together a tailored plan unique to my needs. The journey we shared together over just four sessions exceeded my expectations and transported me to some truly profound, spiritual and meaningful places. Even though our sessions were online, Ashka’s unwavering presence made me feel supported in each and every moment, as well as outside of sessions. I loved the way she created a theme of ‘intimacy’ and included spontaneous movement and powerful meditation in the sessions. I moved from harsh self-judgment and shame to truly feeling free to be myself, the softening of my heart saying ‘YES!’ to anything uncomfortable, painful, and accepting of what is. I felt powerful, fearless, strong, bountiful of inner strength. The sessions also helped me embrace my grief and pain release it. I am so grateful for her dedication, warmth and space she held for me and look forward to more sessions in the future.