Yoga Mindfulness Embodiment

Embodying softness

Softness is strength……
Softness is resilience, softness is adaptability. Softness keeps our senses awake and alive. Softness allows us to stay spacious. We maintain perspective…
Staying soft, we draw our strength from our centre, we move through life with grace and ease; retain our energy and roll with the punches.
Softness keeps our hearts open..
Softness is presence…
Softness is pleasure
However, all too often this beautiful quality is viewed as weakness in our culture.
In most of my dynamic classes we take time to soften our tissues, to feel into our inner expansion. It may seem counter-intuitive, we are here to build “strength”; but strength without softness turns rigid and inflexible. It is forceful; and striving hardens us: emotionally, mentally as well as hardening our tissues.
It takes real discipline to stay soft…

With body-love,