Aliveness, Sensuality, Pleasure


My first Authentic Embodiment 6-week course came to an end last Saturday and I spent the last few days quietly reflecting and integrating the deep journey we all undertook; it’s been both a formative and transformative experience for all of us.

Week by week, guided by the wisdom of their bodies, the participants gently unpacked all that holds them back from showing up fully in their lives; each discovering their own intimate truth.
Yes, it certainly felt uncomfortable at times. But so liberating and empowering!

Our last session took us into the realms of sensuality and pleasure, and we practiced those as a full-body experience of deep aliveness. Moving beyond any cultural or other narrative that we hold around pleasure, we recognized that, just like art, it needs to be cultivated and actively engaged with for it to truly deepen and mature; expanding our capacity for sensual aliveness allows us to expand our capacity to meet and engage with life itself.

I will be sharing more but for now I wanted to extend my gratitude to all the teachers that brought me here and to the wonderful Battersea Yoga @batterseayoga for their encouragement and trust.
I will be running the course again after the summer holidays! Yay!
Day and weekend retreats, as requested, to follow! Ah!

With body-love,